Sunday, August 20, 2006

On the 15th July, our Primary Five pupils watched the NE show at the National Stadium. As it was the last time that the National Day Parade was being held at the National Stadium, both the teachers and pupils were very excited about it.

The pupils were having a great time watching the entire show, but of course, some of them were busy eating and eating bread and titbits till the show ended.

When the fireworks started, some pupils at the back had to open their umbrellas to shelter themselves from the flames and sparks. It was quite fun and I really liked the fireworks.

All of us reached the school at around 10 plus. Everyone was exhausted but very happy. When I was lying on my bed after a hot bath, I wondered,"Oh dear, how many more excursions to go after this one?" Sigh... I really hope no more....

Friday, July 14, 2006

On the 7th and 8th of July, it was declared as the Excel Fest Day for all schools in Singapore. Here, those particpant schools were to showcase their innovative or so called I & E projects in their schools.

Our school had three departments, the PE Dept, Maths Dept and Chinese Dept, exhibiting some stuff in Raffles Girls' Primary School. On the second day, which was a Saturday, the response from the public was quite good as some parents bought the flip cards for their children to learn multiplication.

Of course, I always wanted to get my own pupils to tag along as I knew that it would be very bored for the two days there. I always believe that it is good to involve pupils as it is a very good learning experience for them..

Monday, July 03, 2006

Being a teacher, the most horrifying moment is the book checking by the heads. I do not mind if the heads are checking my books because I am a neat and meticulous person. People like me have no problems in filing and getting things done promptly. However, the reality is so scary as the heads are actually checking my pupils' work.

My marking is always neat, but not my pupils' handwriting! Some handwriting is just like the Chinese priest drawing unrecognisable characters on the talisman. Ask my pupil, JJ, and he is actually the best person to show you what kind of writing is that.

Every term, I have to remind and scold those who cannot manage their filings and do corrections properly. That is the worst part of being a teacher as we teachers have to monitor 40 over pupils in our class. If you teach English, Maths, Science, then you have 3 files multiply by 40 and... oh no, do not forget about composition files and workbooks and ....

Sigh...and we have to be responsible for those who do not do their corrections and write their words neatly. How unfair! So, all teachers have to scold and scold, still no sad...

Friday, June 30, 2006

Phew! Finally it was the end of the first week of the new term. Everything started fine until some pupils in the class continued to produce sub-standard work again. Sometimes I really do not understand why pupils refuse to do their work properly.

V forogt to get his report book signed by his parent. I was wondering what he was doing at home. Didn't his parents ask him about his results and want to see his report book? I just cannot understand!

Then B said that she had lost her Maths Workbook. I was wondering why didn't she lose herself too? Of course, as usual, I gave the whole class a good lecture before the start of this week. I was quite happy that most of them, in fact, knew that this is a very important term for them. Since most of them have already finished their tournaments, except table-tennis group, I have confidence that they are going to perform well for this coming CA in eight weeks'time.

Please... I really want to see good results for this CA.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

One-Night Camp at the UnderWater World...

On 9 and 10 of Jun, I brought 48 P4 pupils to the Underwater World at Sentosa for a One-night camp. We set off from school at 4 p.m. and reached the Underwater World at 5 p.m. As the programme only started at 6, I brought the pupils to the Siloso Beach, which was just opposite the Underwater World.

There were altogether three teachers, including myself, in charge of the excursion. They were Mrs Agnes Chua and Mdm Wong K P. We divided into 3 groups to take the pupils to walk around the beach.

The 15 pupils who joined me were from 4B and 4F. I did not really know them but they were fun.

There were a lot of fishes in the aquarium and all of us were fascinated by them when the 2 facilitators, Ryan and Jelene led us around the tunnel in the Underwater World.

Many of us were holding cameras or mobile phones equiped with cameras to take pictures of the water creatures wherever we went.

The dinner and supper were great and everyone had a wonderful time eating after an adventurous journey at the Underwater World. Then we went to the Musical Fountain to watch the half-an-hour show until 9 p.m. After that, all the pupils proceeded to the shower rooms for their long awaiting moment...water and bathing songs... Poor me for I had to act as the cheer leader in the shower room, cheering for them to quickly finish up their washing and shampooing so that the next group of pupils could their turn. Just imagine how hard I had them to lower their RA conversations in the shower rooms as the girls were having their showers in the next container.

At about 11 p.m., the guides led us back to the tunnel in the Underwater World again, but this time, it was the sleeping time.

All the pupils had to put their sleeping bags along the tunnel, just directly below the sea creatures. Wow, have you ever been sleeping with so many sea creatures the whole night before? This moment you see a shark lying on top of you (of course, I mean on the glass top above you), in the next moment, a gigantic stingray swims over your top. The whole night, fishes swam above you, never stopping a moment. I really wished I could do the same, swimming all night long, freely and relaxingly...

However, I did not have a good sleep the whole night. Not because I was so thrilled about watching fishes the whole night, it was the pupils going to the toilet the whole night!

Did they always do that when they were at home? So was it because they were so thrilled and excited that they had the urge to go toilet to de-stress? I heard footsteps the whole night as they needed to walk past me when they went to the toilet.

The pupils were told by the facilitators that they should sleep from 12 midnight to 7 the next morning.

In the end, I knew who were those who did not sleep in the night when we were travelling back to school in the bus........